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    • 1 bottle of BPC-157/TB-500.
    • 180 sprays, each spray is 25mcg of TB-500 and 50mcg of BPC-157.
    • Bottle = 30ml
    • 1 bottle of AOD-9604
    • 6 mg of AOD-9604 per Bottle
    • Bottle = 30ml
    • 1 bottle of PT-141
    • 180 sprays, each spray is 167MCG of PT-141.
    • Bottle = 30ml
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  • Sale!
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    • 1 bottle of BPC-157/TB-500.
    • 180 sprays, each spray is 25mcg of TB-500 and 50mcg of BPC-157.
    • Bottle = 30ml
    • 1 bottle of Sermorelin.
    • 180 sprays, each spray is 28MCG of Sermorelin.
    • Bottle = 30ml

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    Oral sprays do not require refrigeration but they should be stored in a cool place.

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    TB-500 is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4. The main purpose of the peptide is to promote healing in the eyes, heart, skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. As already stated, Thymosin beta-4 is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

    TB-500 is different from other repair elements, promoting endothelial and keratinocyte migration. It has a low molecular weight and it doesn’t bind to the extracellular matrix, being able to travel long distances through the tissues in the human body. TB500 also regulates the cell-building protein Actin, being a critical component of cell structure.



    You’re at the gym and you really beat yourself up. Maybe you even injure yourself. Or you just overwork for the thousandth time this year. What can you do besides experience the physical damage and exhaustion?

    Numerous studies prove that BPC-157 accelerates the healing of injuries while it protects and repairs your whole body from normal wear and tear, including the brain, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and even your tendons. So it keeps you functioning at your peak performance levels day after day and year after year.


    Can increases collagen synthesis, so it can accelerate healing in muscle tears, tendons and ligaments, even spinal cord injuries, and improve the ability to walk after a serious injury or surgery.

    If that’s not enough, it also speeds healing from burns, corneal injuries, fistulas, anastomoses, and damage due to excessive use of alcohol or acetaminophen. It can also reduce ulcers and scar tissue.


    Assists in repairing and healing the brain and nerves, even after a traumatic brain injury or a stroke. One way it accomplishes the healing is by reducing the swelling. It also protects the brain against hypoglycemic seizures caused by an insulin overdose.


    Protects the brain, gut, and liver in a variety of ways, including the damage NSAIDs can cause. For example, it can reduce bleeding, stomach ulceration, and thrombocytopenia due to aspirin.


    It protects heart and blood vessels from stress and helps normalize your blood pressure, regardless of whether it’s high or low. Promotes formation of new blood vessels, and it reduces arrhythmias due to electrolyte imbalance

    Sermorelin Therapy: A Solution to HGH Restoration

    Around the age of 30, production of human growth hormone starts declining in both men and women. Research has shown that Sermorelin therapy can be used as an anti-aging therapy. Because Sermorelin is a secretagogue of HGH, it can stimulate the secretion of GH from the pituatary gland.

    Research has shown that there are many benefits to restoring HGH levels. Decline in HGH is usually associated with aging symptoms, including low energy, lowered libido, loss of muscle, slower metabolism, and aging skin. By restoring GH through Sermorelin therapy, skin elasticity improves over time and energy and libido levels increase as well.

    Results have varied between patients, but clinical studies have shown that Sermorelin therapy can have the following benefits:

    ▪️ Increased lean body mass
    ▪️ Fat reduction
    ▪️ Improved energy
    ▪️ Increased vitality
    ▪️ Increased strength
    ▪️ Increased endurance
    ▪️ Accelerated wound healing
    ▪️ Improved cardiovascular and immune function
    ▪️ Better sleep quality
    ▪️ Improved bone density
    ▪️ Improved skin quality and higher collagen density

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    • 1 bottle of Joe Donnelly Spray (TB-500 / BPC-157).
    • 180 sprays, each spray is 25mcg of TB-500 and 50mcg of BPC-157.
    • Bottle = 30ml
    • MK-677 – 30mg per capsule, 30 Capsules